“Mozart’s last opera holds some of his most extraordinary and emotional music.

Mozart’s beautiful last opera is set in Rome, and explores the appalling jealousies, ambitions and desperate love affairs during the reign of the emperor Tito. Rome burns, and Sesto, a young man driven by obsessive love for Vitellia the would-be empress, is accused of the crime. But Tito decides on mercy rather than the exercise of power. 

The opera has profound relevance to current times, and its miraculous music tells a powerful story.

BNO´s chosen stage director Rodula Gaitanou writes ‘Mozart’s last opera is a story about violence and terrorism, the actions of a fanatical individual and the unexpected response from a powerful if conflicted emperor.

But what kind of leader do we want to have in a world hardly different today? Who is our ideal ruler? The question is at the heart of La Clemenza di Tito.

The opera makes for a contemporary tale about greed for power, obsessive love, consuming jealousy and absolute betrayal. But also it’s a story about the loneliness that follows the ascend to power and the journey that one might make to be able to rule with compassion rather than fear.’ “