“Achilles in Skyros was first seen in Madrid in 1744 to celebrate the marriage of the Infanta of Spain, María Teresa Rafaela, daughter of Philip V, to the Dauphin of France, Louis, son of Louis XV.

For her production of this opera, Mariame Clément – who previously staged Platée, by Rameau, composed to commemorate the same marriage – recreates the premiere of Achilles in Skyros in Madrid through the eyes of the Spanish Infanta, who takes on a very important dramatic role in this new staging.

The original score of the opera is in the Biblioteca Histórica Municipal Conde Duque in Madrid; it was recovered by the Instituto Complutense de Ciencias Musicales (ICCMU) and has been edited by musicologist Álvaro Torrente.

The set designs and costumes of Julia Hansen evoke the liberty and fantasy of the Baroque period and the dreamlike atmosphere of a mythological universe.

The Musical Director of the Teatro Real, Ivor Bolton leads the two casts, the Coro Titular del Teatro Real and the Orquesta Barroca de Sevilla.”